The New Rule Of Overtime

Admin 7 August, 2016 0

Ever experienced working for long hours just to make ends meet? The long stressful hours take a toll on both your financial and personal life. The good news is, there"s a new overtime rule that could protect the welfare of workers.

Here"s more information about that new overtime rule:

Overtime regulations for white-collars are outdated. The current salary threshold is $23, 660 which is so low and it makes it hard for employers to distinguish who qualifies.

President Obama gave some instructions to the Department of Labor to update the rules such as increasing the minimum salary threshold to $47, 476. Because of this, millions of Americans will be entitled to overtime pay if they work extra hours.

For workers that are below the threshold, employers need to pay time and a half if they work overtime or raise the salary above the threshold.

Bye this new rule, workers can get extra options  about what they can do in their lives. This also gives them a perfect chance to get paid for their hard work.

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