Do I Really Need an Escrow Service?

Admin 18 January, 2017 0

Residential properties and commercial properties cost an arm and a leg that”s why it”s understandable that buyers often opt to skip getting an escrow account to avoid having to spend more money. While it”s true that an escrow can be a bit costly, it can actually save all parties involved in the transaction from property-related […]

Self-Defense Law: California Edition

Admin 20 September, 2016 0

Self-defense laws vary from state to state. Some of them can be really straightforward and some are a bit tricky even for the victim. For now, we”ll try to put more focus in California self-defense laws. In California, self-defense laws state that you can”t be proven guilty of a violent crime to protect yourself, as […]

The Importance Of Foreclosure Attorneys

Admin 16 May, 2017 0

Florida is a Lien Theory state by which the property in question is the guarantee for the loan. It is considered the lien on the property. Florida law requires that all foreclosures are under the supervision of the courts. It will be the┬álender who will initiate the foreclosure by filing a foreclosure lawsuit with the […]

Business Law : 5 Legal Basics Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Admin 7 November, 2016 0

You”re deeply excited about starting your own business and leaving your own mark in the industry you love. However, you may find yourself confused and overwhelmed about business laws that have a huge impact on your entrepreneurship. Here are the 5 legal basics you need to be equipped with in the world of business: Entity […]

The New Rule Of Overtime

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Ever experienced working for long hours just to make ends meet? The long stressful hours take a toll on both your financial and personal life. The good news is, there”s a new overtime rule that could protect the welfare of workers. Here”s more information about that new overtime rule: Overtime regulations for white-collars are outdated. […]